What is the automated shower?

Create a shower after individual preferences.

With a push of a button the user can take a shower followed by drying, both tailored after personal need. The user decides the order of the nozzles and the strength of them, temperature and how long the shower should be. The shower can have as many users as you please.

Easy and hygienic clean.

The cleaning progress starts when the shower has finished and the user has left. The inside of the shower has censors in the ceiling which registers when the shower is empty. The cleaning programme removes all bacteria, all organic material and lime scale. While the programme is happening the light will flash, as a warning


Thought through design means flexible size.

The automated shower is built in modules. Every module has a leg that works like a separate shower. The shower can be installed in an existing shower or on their own. Because of the design it is possible to install the shower with one or two “missing” legs, basically installing it directly on the bathroom wall. Because of the design it’s also possible to access for wheel chair users. There are no steps or elevations. It is still possible to achieve indolence and better hygiene, even though you only have room for two or three legs.

No costs for new installations.

The automated shower is connected with the mixer tap and a 230V-10Amp power outlet, which is the standard in most bathrooms. The water runs directly into the drain on the floor.

Stand or sit.

The user can either stand or sit on a stool/toilet chair, but he or she has to be able to sit on their own. There is great handles to hold on to on all sides.

A hygienic and indolence shower experience – from start to finish.

The shower will be welcoming warm to be in, both during and after the shower, because it is being warmed up by infrared lights in the ceiling. When the water reaches the required temperature, soft jets of water will come from the many nozzles. A hand shower is attached to be used for example for hair wash.

A shower programme involves some set elements:

  1. Pre-shower with hot water
  2. Wash with soap – directly from the nozzles
  3. Rinse
  4. Drying

Each element can be combined, varied and repeated exactly how you want.

Elementerne kan kombineres, varieres, gentages og forlænges helt som man ønsker.

During the whole shower a light will indicate where in the programme you are.

There are three stop buttons; one outside the shower and two inside. One of those are located close to the floor, to make sure it is always possible to stop the shower – even if they fall.